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Super Security Services in Punjab

Super Security Group Punjab has been established as the most powerful security guarding or consultant company to provide various security personnel such as Security guards or watchman, trained body guards, Investigation officers, and many more manpower. As it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, you could get an International standard service quality with trained personnel.

Except guarding and investigation services, you can have our other services such as facilities, background screening, and consultancy services.

Every human being worries for own security and stability. Protection could be easier with strong guarding man power and if CCTV camera, Radar or any powerful device is implemented to alarm, when any trace passers try to rush in to your premises. But appointing the security personnel could be useful to handle the security devices.

Security Analysis for Organizations

If any of our customers need security analysis or investigation for any incidents occurred, then also our specific intelligence team can be included to find out the reason of incidents and our main importance is to keep secrete all evidences of customer to win the trust and dependencies of him/her.

We never compromise in carelessness and our guarding staffs will be available your place with our company provided uniforms. They are ready to perform their duties with due respect to residential or officers, so that any harassment issue will be lesser. You can have our security service for both day shift and night shift.

Excellent Guarding service in both residential and corporate sector

Our guarding personnel are ever ready to jump to the place, where we will send them. They are all Aadhar card holder and honest and polite to serve our clients up to satisfactory level. Sometimes our clients request us to send them to their duty permanently.

Active placement Consultancy and facility services

Our placement consultancy also employs huge numbers of persons in various sectors starting from peon, office boy, clerks, computer operators and many more marketing posts. We are completely dedicated to provide man power for well and safe running of organization.

Training Services

Before sending the employees to our client’s place for performance, we also provide them appropriate training on various job roles and responsibilities by our highly experienced trainers, so that they will grow our reputation by performing up to their best level. Our this way of working has created a broad range of reference and more than 100 customers.

If you are looking for manpower for any of the above services, then just reach us by phone call or email messaging.

We have employed much trained and highly experienced professionals to handle each and every task such as trainer will train the untrained people or fresher for any field of job such as guarding, office boy job, investigation job or any other data entry job. We never provide any untrained personnel to our client for any service to create any losses or damages to client. Our employees maintain punctuality and obedience during job duty time. They never try to upset our clients for any unpleasant behavior and if anybody has done any poor treatment with them, they will report us immediately.
Our sole objective is to provide a pan India as well as Global service to different sector people and business organization.  Generating great revenue is our common objective and accordingly we make suitable strategy for our employees or manpower and our customers, so that everybody will work in a positive attitude. Our main objective is to provide earning opportunity to different people or employees and provide effective and satisfactory service to the customers. We never compromise with the quality of the performance and always believe on Respectful and trustworthy service and increase goodwill of our company for longer period or for ever.
With a stronger team of dedicated employees, our aim is to provide high quality service in discounted price. Also, we will create a broad array of professionals to increase our goodwill and people in Punjab and nearby states in India must look for us for any kind of security and placement facility related requirement. We can investigate or analyze any business related dispute. We endeavor to obtain management responsibilities on significant issues that affect badly our employees and customers. Hence, our employees also take similar responsibility to minimize any issues created during performance and any critical situation and any tough assignment.
Our sole mission is to push our values to the extra mile in dealing with clients as well as our employees and placement candidates. Customers need to be satisfied always from each and every angle. Our every man power, infrastructure should be properly utilized to achieve the financial and reputation target made by the company directors. Most of the guarding and investigation jobs are risky and the guarding staffs and investigation professionals have to work in this risky method to fulfill the commitment made to the customers. With Super Security Group, Your earning level never goes down and your career glows forever.

Our Services

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Guarding Services

Investment in security can help significantly reduce a company's vulnerability to many factors that threaten performance Security Guarding Services

home security services in punjab

Investigation Services

Super Security Detective Network provides fast, accurate and up to date information which is crucial to the decision making process.

corporate security services in punjab

Facility Services

Super Security provides strategic Facility & Fleet Management services based on expertise, best practices, operating procedures and technical know how.

residental security services in punjab

Consultancy Services

We provide a bird's eye view to various security and safety related problems, be it a new project or an existing infrastructure.


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